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  • Predict what direction you think the price of Ethereum will go 1 hour from the starting point.
  • Winners will split the house pot, up to 90%, depending on the odds of winning.
  • When you win, you will be able to withdraw what you put in plus a part of house pot.
  • Winners will be rewarded a percentage of the house pot proportionally based on their tickets purchased.
  • The entire market in ran on a trustless Ethereum smart contract.
  • Compound.Finance price oracles are used for price determination as they update frequently.
  • Buy Call tickets when you think the price will rise, Put tickets when you think the price will fall.
  • When you lose a round, your funds are transferred into the house pot.
  • Rounds last for only 1 hour. Tickets can be bought during the first 30 minutes.
  • Odds of winning: Total Winning Tickets / Total Tickets Bought.
  • Percentage paid out is calculated as: 10% + (80% x (1 - Odds of Winning) ).
  • Regardless of the percent, payouts are capped to the total ETH amounts for either side, whichever is higher.
  • The price of a ticket is 1/100th the house pot. This is constant during a Round.
  • There is a 5% fee pulled from the house pot distributed to the winners. There is no fee to withdraw or buy tickets.
  • After the round ends, you can manually close the round if the automated service fails to do so.
  • Gas for closing a round is paid for from the house pot.
  • You can only withdraw from a closed round. You cannot withdraw from an open round.
  • To withdraw a balance from a previous round, go back to the round with the balance and then withdraw.
  • If the price doesn't change or the round ends too late, the round will be a draw and you will get your funds back.
  • Maximum amount of users per round is 1000.